There is not a single person who has the “Right” to protest while on company time and employed by a privately owned company.

I agree that anyone can ask whatever they want, just like most posters can be as closed minded and/or racist as they want. It takes a great amount of courage to go against the norm and do it peacefully unlike so many other people that protest by hurting innocent kids at schools or bars or concerts.

Keep the players in the locker room during the anthem. Problem solved. You can’t force players to stand. It’s not in their contract or the collective bargaining agreement.

The right wing coopted the players message, and made their kneeling more about disrespecting the flag to avoid their real message, which was about unarmed black men shot and killed by police. This is what a society does when they want to ignore the plights people who are disenfranchised. If you’re a minority, and not gifted at athletics, or you’re one of a few fortunate enough to gain a great education, that flag stands for oppression.

Teams do have the right as the players are representing the teams while on the job and in uniform. They’re representing the team and if the customers don’t like it and boycott the team and or the league they’re within their rights to not hire someone that won’t adhere to company policy.

Everyone with a job has a certain set of standards/rules they must adhere too. Being a football player is a job plain and simple. These players are expected to act a certain way because their employer pays them to play football not take activist stances. When you strip away the it’s entertainment, its sport and all the other nonsense – it’s a job – there are rules – follow the rules. If you don’t like the rules you can be cut (fired) and do whatever you want. No one is telling these players what to do on their time but when they are on the field they are being played to play football and help make the organization they play for money.

Many claim to love freedom but what freedoms do you claim to love? This is very confusing on a philosophical level. It only makes sense on an emotional level. But emotional reactions are quite often irrational once the person calms down and can think rationally for themselves.

Thought Reid said he wouldn’t be kneeling this year,.Not sure why he was bothered by the question if he didnt plan on kneeling.Guy played hard, hope he gets a job somewhere and stays healthy.rams_094

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