Ravens assigned Chris Ezeala through international player pathway program

The NFL debuted its international player pathway program in 2017 by assigning four players from overseas to NFC South teams and giving them roster exemptions to remain as the 11th player on the practice squad during the season.

I mean, he was here every day, working out through that dead period of winter where players tend to disappear. He was here. Davis Webb was on his hip, trying to learn. They were, like anyone would, trying to glean information from the past, connect dots even though we couldn’t talk football, and working out, training, watching our tape as much as they could without me guiding them through it.

You just knew he was a pro, the way he was handling himself. That was number one for me. Wow, this guy cares. At a time of year when some players may not be looking after themselves so well, he was taking great care of himself.There were good signs at the end of last year. Shurmur broke down all 16 games and found hope in the Giants’ 34-29 loss to the Eagles on Dec. 17. At that point, Manning had been benched, then reinstated, and was playing behind a shot line and without Odell Beckham or Brandon Marshall. And yet, Manning held the Giants in the game, throwing for 434 yards and three touchdowns.

Quinn also has some experience returning punts, and his best chance of making an NFL roster is likely to prove he can contribute on special teams. He thinks he has what it takes to prove that there shouldn’t have been 255 other players chosen before him.

The guy isn’t retiring or anything like that, Edmunds said of Ingram. He’s going to be back and we’re excited and we’re ready for him.

There is no greater bargain in sports than a starting NFL quarterback on a rookie contract. That deal grows by the nth degree when that quarterback was a mid-to-late-round pick, like Dak Prescott.

After paying Prescott pennies, the Dallas Cowboys brass knows it will need to ante up soon.

Yeah, you know at that position, it kind of is what it is, EVP Stephen Jones said Wednesday, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. You kind of, when the time comes, [expect to pay him]. I know Dak is going to have a good year this year. I hope it’s up there. It’s going to be as he deserves. He was a fourth-round pick. No one deserves to get paid fairly more than he does.broncos_090_d07000fd8593aad3-180x180