Eagles, Cardinals at opposite ends of Vegas projected win totals

In addition to spending some time looking at the AFC win totals as set by folks in Las Vegas, Tuesday’s PFT Live looked at the NFC numbers.

“I feel real good about our offseason additions, whether it’s free agency or it’s the draft, the coaching staff. We were 9-7 the last two years, I think the team has improved personnel-wise from then, so we’re looking for bigger and greater things this year and years to come. With having Ziggy (Ansah) back healthy, that’s going to be a big thing. And coming back with our wide receiver corps, as you guys are seeing on the screen there, I think our passing offense is going to be just as good as last year, if not better. And with the additions in the running game and our offensive line, I think our offensive output will be even greater than last year.”

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia was indicted on one count of aggravated sexual assault in 1996 but was never tried or convicted, according to Robert Snell of the Detroit News.

Here’s the first line from NFL.com’s article regarding the 37 underclassmen who weren’t drafted in 2018: “A record 106 underclassmen who were granted early eligibility for the 2018 NFL Draft entered Thursday hoping to receive the call of a lifetime, but only 69 did.”

Is it really a “call of a lifetime” if it comes in round six or seven? At that point, it’s better to be undrafted, so that the player can pick his next team instead of having his next team pick him. This allows the player, while working with his agent, to find the best place to learn, to develop, and ultimately to win a spot on the 53-man roster, based in large part on the existing depth chart at the player’s position.

The draft has only seven rounds (down from 12 and as many as 30); a roster has 53 spots. Plenty of undrafted players can and will make it in the NFL. As noted last night on Twitter, the drafted quarterbacks in 2003 were Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwich, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, Dave Ragone, Chris Simms, Seneca Wallace, Brian St. Pierre, Drew Henson, Brooks Bollinger, Kliff Kingsbury, Gibran Hamdan, and Ken Dorsey. Undrafted that year was a guy named Tony Romo.broncos_003_4dc71ebe680da54b-180x180