Pats now have plenty of ammunition to move up for a quarterback

Three teams in the AFC East could now be angling for top-shelf quarterbacks in the draft.

The Jets already sit in prime position after moving from No. 6 to No. 3 last month. The Bills, with two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and two third-round picks, have the ammo to make the climb as high as No. 2, maybe No. 1.

The Lions have vowed to field a more legitimate running game in 2018. That should also mean they’re thinking about another offensive line upgrade with this pick, but it would not be shocking if Guice were to be selected this high. He would allow Detroit to officially give up on Ameer Abdullah and would be the workhorse ahead of new veteran backup LeGarrette Blount and pass-catching Theo Riddick.

The Bengals last year paid the price after letting both Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeiter walk in free agency. The offensive line needs to be addressed further after the addition of Cordy Glenn for left tackle. Williams is viewed more as an inside blocker and could start right away at either guard spot.

The fact that the Cooks trade happened now, and not with the Rams’ pick on the clock on the first night of the draft, shows that the interest in Beckham was real — or at least that Patriots coach Bill Belichick believed it to be real. Belichick surely would have insisted on waiting to do the deal sat a time when he couldn’t be leapfrogged at No. 23. The Rams apparently pushed back, telling the Patriots if they don’t do the deal now, the Rams reserve the right to do the deal for Beckham later.

Now, the Beckham deal to the Rams won’t be happening. It doesn’t mean the trade won’t be made to another team, but taking the Rams out of the mix could give the Giants less leverage when it comes to getting the most they can for Beckham.

But playoff defenses are different animals. They will be ready for Miami’s handoffs and wildcat cutting. Smart defenses delight in the presence of extra non-shooters. The Heat should be mindful of that.bills_118