Odell Beckham confirms he’ll attend training camp

In case anyone was worried about Odell Beckham ‘s continuous contract problem, they can rest easy after what happened Saturday.

No, Beckham didn’t get a new deal. But he did guarantee his attendance for training camp, per NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones.

Beckham passed the aforementioned reporters after the conclusion of his youth camp, which he held just two days after Giants minicamp ended. While notable absences dotted other minicamps around the league, Beckham was in attendance for New York’s practices (though he only participated in the individual portion of sessions). It’s a good sign for a star wideout whose importance cannot be overstated, and whose presence was sorely missed during the Giants ‘ forgettable 2017 season.

What he’s looking for: In the last three years, Mack has three trips to the Pro Bowl and 36.5 sacks. Only Chandler Jones has more sacks over that span.

Still just 27, Mack will also be looking to receive more than Miller’s $19.02-million average and become the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL. Mack and Donald are likely to get similar amounts.

What’s the latest: Mack is reportedly looking for a huge amount of guaranteed, according to NFL Network’s Steve Wyche.

He’s expecting to get paid significant money, Wyche said. When we’re talking significant money, we’re talking guarantees in excess of $65 million, so he’s in that quarterback contract range when it comes to guarantees.

Wyche thinks the contract will get done in June — the same time deals for Jackson and Carr got done — and Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie said he anticipates an extension getting signed soon.

When we get into training camp, we don’t have a lot of time when we get into training camp, so we have to hit this thing running, so we’ll just do the best we can to educate them on that and I’m sure we’ll be good to go.

Beyond the physical aspect, Patricia also wants his players keep their noses in the playbook.

Raiders focused on making more interceptions after finishing last in 2017

The Raiders have seven interceptions in their organized team activities. That’s two more than Oakland had last season when it finished last in the league.

This is what we want to be about for the whole 2018 season, cornerback Rashaan Melvin said, via Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area. With those guys out there making those plays, you see all 11 guys flying to the [football], that’s a great habit to have.

Just stay healthy, Parker said. And if I’m not healthy, fight through it.

The red-zone struggles were the most glaring problem for Sarkisian as the Falcons fell from ninth in RZ TD percentage to 23rd, per Football Outsiders. Atlanta’s season essentially ending on a failed red-zone trip in Philadelphia, which included some questionable play-calling and a misconnection with Julio Jones, embodied the season-long struggles.

What Garoppolo can do is continue to lead. He’s doing it with Saturday throwing sessions, and he plans to do it between the end of the offseason program and the launch of training camp. Eventually, everyone will find out whether the 49ers can get back to the postseason for the first time since 2013.

The severity of the injury makes it no surprise that Miller won’t play this season, but he’s not giving up on the hope of returning to the field at some point in the future. Miller said positivity has been one of my qualities that’s helped get me through all this stuff and that he’s going to do all he can to give himself a chance to continue his career.

With my doctors and everyone I spoke to, we’re not going to put any set limitations on this, Miller said, via ESPN.com. We’re just going to take it as it goes. There has not been a definitive, ‘you can never do this again.’ That hasn’t been talked about. It’s to approach this as you are planning to get back to where I can be myself and play football and then when that time comes, some of that is out of my hands. So, I’m just going to do as much as I can to get that point and see what happens.

MLB Draft 2018: Yankees pick OF Ryder Green in 3rd round

The Yankees selected Ryder Green an 18-year-old outfielder with their third-round pick in the 2018 MLB Draf t on Tuesday.

It was the 97th overall selection and it came with a $576,400 slot value.

Cleveland, on paper, has a laundry list of playmakers, but it boils down to consistency at the quarterback position, a quality missing by the shores of Lake Erie for eons.

The hope is that Taylor and Mayfield in whatever form it takes will flip the switch on Gordon and an offense that’s been asleep at the wheel for far too long.

What’s the next step for Devils 2016 1st-round pick Michael McLeod?

Only one player taken ahead of Michael McLeod in the 2016 NHL Draft hasn’t made his NHL debut.

I don’t think this offseason was any different for me, Brady said, via Michael Giardi of NBC Sports Boston. I thought about the things I needed to do and focused on those thing so I can be the best I can be when training camp comes.

Brady said his relationship with coach Bill Belichick is great and that he never thought about retiring over the last few months as he’s having a lot of fun playing quarterback for the Patriots. He didn’t say whether he’d be having fun with the team as they wrap up OTAs next week and his overall approach this year suggests it’s likely training camp will be the next time he’s spotted on the field.

I was in survivor mode the whole time, he says. Listen to the play. Hold onto the ball. Find the first place to fall. Make it out of this game. That’s it. You’re all off. You’re off. Your eyes, your vision is off, everything’s just…off.

After that hit, the headaches worsened. His vision blurred after practices. He played the next game, then missed two, then played the next seven straight. When his appetite was mysteriously hijacked the morning of a game against Cincinnati, Lewis asked a trainer if he could undergo a concussion test and was told he’d need to wait until Monday.

That game against the Bengals—Nov. 29, 2009—proved to be his last.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick: ‘It’s good to have all the players’ at minicamp

eagles_080Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are back, and New England fans couldn’t be more thrilled.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick, on the other hand, could be.

When asked how it felt to have his star quarterback and tight end on the field for minicamp on Tuesday, the Patriots coach wouldn’t single them out.

The Tigers failed to take advantage of a two-out baserunning mistake by Jose Ramirez, and Kipnis hit a tiebreaking, three-run homer two pitches later to lift the Indians over the Tigers 4-1.

Ramirez almost broke the tie himself, hitting Shane Greene’s 3-1 pitch just past the foul pole down the right-field line, but ended up drawing a walk. Yonder Alonso hit a two-out single into the right-center field gap, and Ramirez stumbled as he took a wide turn around third.

The Giants will wrap up OTAs this week before holding mandatory minicamp June 12-14.

Orioles RHP Kevin Gausman (3-5, 4.63) faces Blue Jays RHP Aaron Sanchez (3-5, 4.48) on Saturday. Gausman in winless in four starts, while Sanchez beat Detroit to pick up his first win since April in his previous outing.Choi’s pinch-hit grand slam lifts Brewers over Phillies

PHILADELPHIA Ji-Man Choi casually jogged to first. The jubilation in the Brewers’ dugout indicated otherwise.

Choi and came through with a go-ahead grand slam when he pinch hit in the sixth inning, and the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Philadelphia Phillies 12-3 on Saturday.

I thought it was a fly ball, Choi said through a translator. I’m just really happy I was able to get this hit.

New Gronkowski deal likely, but not imminent

eagles_081Chatter regarding a potential trade of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski continues to bubble up from time to time in part because Gronkowski has yet to get a new contract. And a new contract won’t be coming in the immediate future.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a new contract for Gronkowski is likely, but nothing is imminent.

The source added that there’s still plenty of work to do. The biggest challenge, in our estimation (and not from any source), would be to determine whether Gronkowski will get another incentive-driven raise (he earned an extra $5.5 million last year) or whether he will have a guaranteed increase in his base pay, regardless of performance.

Then came Trump’s remarks the morning after the NFL’s new anthem policy was announced last Wednesday: You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing. You shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.

In recordings at the owners-players meeting last year, as reported by the New York Times, Lurie was highly critical of Trump and the role he played in the anthem issue: But this is not where you brandish a group of people because they own assets in a sport we love, supporting what many of us perceive as, you know, one disastrous presidency, he said, adding a profanity to his description.

Yet, by all accounts, Lurie was in favor of the policy enacted last week — it has been since revealed that the owners did not take an actual vote — and made a statement that made no reference to the new policy, but praised the players for being committed to finding productive ways to fight social injustice, poverty and other societal issues that are important to all of us.

Kobe Bryant pays unexpected visit to New England Patriots practice

eagles_082The New England Patriots had a surprise visit after Wednesday’s practice session: Kobe Bryant.

The retired NBA star spent some time hanging around the Pats’ locker room as OTAs resumed following an extended holiday weekend.

Matt Lutovsky. Leonard’s injury is more worrisome given how long he’s been dealing with it. It’s apparently a bit of a medical mystery, which is about as bad of a two-word phrase as anyone can hear. Beckham’s ankle injury could certainly become a recurring problem, especially given that he plays a much more violent game, but for now, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Vinnie Iyer: Beckham. Because he plays football and has gotten hurt a lot of late doing it. Before he got going as a rookie, he was hamstrung coming into the league. His position also puts him more in the line of fire in the more dangerous sport. Leonard, even with the mysterious nature of his injury, is less risky.

Jordan Greer: There’s not much evidence to support the theory that Leonard is the NBA’s version of Mariah Carey. It’s hard enough to get the guy to open up about basketball. The diva factor is probably in the 2.5-3 range only because of the lack of communication between Leonard’s camp and the Spurs. That has caused some friction, but it hasn’t destroyed the relationship. On the other side, Beckham is a star wide receiver. Being a diva kind of comes with that package, doesn’t it?

Matt Lutovsky: Beckham is a 10 on the Diva scale. That’s been scientifically proven, and it’s undoubtedly a big part of the problem. Leonard is probably a five, but it’s tough to say because he never speaks. Either way, his divaness really has nothing to do with whether he’ll be traded.

Nick Birdsong: I’m not a big fan of calling any grown man a diva, but, on the surface, Beckham is the easy answer here. However, he’s never willingly sat out while his team has a chance to contend after being cleared to play. Leonard doesn’t talk much nor does he showboat the way Beckham does, but the fact he’s not out there competing says a lot about his priorities.

The Buccaneers selected a big-bodied defensive tackle to headline their 2018 draft class.

Vita Vea, at 347 pounds, projects as an immediate help to the run defense, which ranked 23rd last season.

The Buccaneers have a potential quality run-stopper to complement Gerald McCoy in the middle. We’ll find out if Vea has upside as a pass-rusher, but his ability to latch on to ball-carriers should ease the linebackers jobs.

Don’t expect Payne to accumulate sacks. He’s an interior defender who’s strong enough to hold up at the point of attack with the technical ability to shed blocks and record stops. The Alabama product isn’t the cure-all acquisition for the run defense, but Washington won’t finish last in the category for the upcoming season.

When the front office trades first- and fifth-round selections, along with next year’s first-round pick, for a defensive end at No. 14, he better start Week 1. Don’t worry, New Orleans Saints fans, there’s room for Marcus Davenport to learn on the fly.

Alexander, who’s the more athletic of the two rookie cornerbacks, will take over a starting position with snaps on the boundary and in the slot.

During the offseason, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett started to discuss the possibility of utilizing Jaylon Smith as a strong-side linebacker, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill:

The SAM in our defense is an important spot but there is so much nickel defense being played in the NFL. Often times you only have two linebackers out on the field, so you want to give him more than just that role. He might be a SAM in base but you want to make sure he has a role when we’re playing our two linebackers defense as well.

Whether Smith shifts over to the strong side or not, there’s one certainty: The Cowboys starting linebacker unit will undergo some changes. Anthony Hitchens signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, which opens another spot.bucks_245