Robert Kraft: Patriots obviously have to think about drafting QB

When rating the possibility of the New England Patriots selecting a quarterback within the first three rounds of the NFL draft, I went all-in as part of the 32-team NFL Nation piece on the topic. The Patriots have traditionally had a developmental prospect on their roster and this looks like a good year for them to add another to the pipeline.

The topic also came up over the last two days at the NFL’s annual meetings.

The Patriots’ history of drafting quarterbacks in Belichick’s tenure, especially recently, ties into this.

No other explanation holds enough water. Is Beckham a truly unique case from that standpoint, though Receivers have always, sometimes rightfully, been viewed as divas, with all-time greats like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss needing to be managed in different ways for them to succeed. Beckham hasn’t been accused of domestic violence and isn’t in constant trouble with the police. So why have the Giants taken such a strong opposition to the behavior of an ultra-talented 25-year-old with the world at his feet but who clearly has immaturity issues, rather than, say, kicker Josh Brown Brown was re-signed by the Giants in 2016 even after he admitted to being physically abusive to his then-wife.

New York only decided to part ways with him after the allegations came to light later that year in an incident that took some serious shine off the team’s reputation as one of the NFL’s best-run franchises. Beckham’s sidelines outbursts aren’t appropriate, but neither is Tom Brady’s, but the latter’s are accepted because he’s able to back it up on the field, and no one ever questions Brady’s locker room presence because of them despite playing a position that’s deemed to need mature, leader-type qualities. The Giants are just as at fault for Beckham’s issues as he is, as they only really became a serious issue after Tom Coughlin was replaced by the disastrously inexperienced Ben McAdoo, who also clashed with seemingly every defensive back last season before being fired after Week 12. In the NFL, talent always outweighs every negative factor.patriots_121-223x223