Bengals in no hurry to extend Andy Dalton

Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton will not be getting a new contract any time soon.

Although quarterback salaries have taken off since the Bengals signed Dalton to a long-term extension in 2014, Bengals Vice President Troy Blackburn says the Bengals don’t think they need to re-do the deal.

“We didn’t sign the Andy Dalton deal because we thought it was a good deal. At the time it was an expensive deal. It was a heavy lift,” Blackburn said. “We did it because Andy was a winning starting quarterback in the National Football League, he had demonstrated that.

Rodgers, 34, is entering his 14th NFL season and is about to sign his last big contract — an expected record deal. While the Packers do not appear to have the future Hall of Famer’s heir apparent on their current roster, they do have decent young backups to provide depth for the short term. But again, a 36-year-old Favre didn’t expect Green Bay to draft his eventual replacement in 2006, either.

Davis was arrested at the Hawaiian Airlines check-in counter when, after being asked security questions about his luggage by an attendant, turned to a female companion and allegedly asked her, “Did you pack the explosives?”

The 24-year-old was taken into custody by LAX police and released from jail after posting $15,000 bond. The woman with Davis was not arrested, police said. Davis’ preliminary court hearing is scheduled for May 3.

Quinn also raved about the addition of running back LeGarrette Blount, who the GM said didn’t want to leave his free-agent visit until he signed his contract.

“He came in and really wanted to be here,” Quinn said. “He was really, really excited about the direction of this team, direction of ownership, management with coach Patricia in the fold. We spent a long day negotiation and LG wouldn’t leave until he signed the contract. It was great day and we’re really excited about what he’s going to bring.”bills_069