MLB Draft 2018: Yankees pick OF Ryder Green in 3rd round

The Yankees selected Ryder Green an 18-year-old outfielder with their third-round pick in the 2018 MLB Draf t on Tuesday.

It was the 97th overall selection and it came with a $576,400 slot value.

Cleveland, on paper, has a laundry list of playmakers, but it boils down to consistency at the quarterback position, a quality missing by the shores of Lake Erie for eons.

The hope is that Taylor and Mayfield in whatever form it takes will flip the switch on Gordon and an offense that’s been asleep at the wheel for far too long.

What’s the next step for Devils 2016 1st-round pick Michael McLeod?

Only one player taken ahead of Michael McLeod in the 2016 NHL Draft hasn’t made his NHL debut.

I don’t think this offseason was any different for me, Brady said, via Michael Giardi of NBC Sports Boston. I thought about the things I needed to do and focused on those thing so I can be the best I can be when training camp comes.

Brady said his relationship with coach Bill Belichick is great and that he never thought about retiring over the last few months as he’s having a lot of fun playing quarterback for the Patriots. He didn’t say whether he’d be having fun with the team as they wrap up OTAs next week and his overall approach this year suggests it’s likely training camp will be the next time he’s spotted on the field.

I was in survivor mode the whole time, he says. Listen to the play. Hold onto the ball. Find the first place to fall. Make it out of this game. That’s it. You’re all off. You’re off. Your eyes, your vision is off, everything’s just…off.

After that hit, the headaches worsened. His vision blurred after practices. He played the next game, then missed two, then played the next seven straight. When his appetite was mysteriously hijacked the morning of a game against Cincinnati, Lewis asked a trainer if he could undergo a concussion test and was told he’d need to wait until Monday.

That game against the Bengals—Nov. 29, 2009—proved to be his last.

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