How good can Blake Snell get?

Blake Snell might have caught a bad break when the Tampa Bay Rays’ game was postponed on Tuesday, as it meant his next start was delayed by a day, resulting in a matchup against the Boston Red Sox rather than the Baltimore Orioles.

Still, while Friday’s game might be one of his few specific matchups to avoid in leagues with any sort of starts or innings cap, his performance so far this season has exhibited enough of an uptick that he’s worth keeping in there in the vast majority of leagues, regardless of the foe.

After all, this is the team Sean Manaea no-hit six days ago, right?

A shift in his stance on the mound contributed to this improvement, as Snell moved from the third-base side to closer to the middle of the pitching rubber late last season. The shift helped alter his release point, which also contributed to better results from his signature breaking pitches — his curveball and slider. So far this season, Snell’s curve and slider have been worth a combined 3.3 runs above average, already more than he had in 2016 or 2017.

The city’s Public Improvement Commission unanimously approved a proposal by current Red Sox ownership to call the stretch of road Jersey Street, which it was originally named before being changed in 1977 to honor Yawkey the year after he died.

The Red Sox praised the commission’s decision in a statement.

“We recognize we have a long way to go, but remain committed to building a spirit of diversity, inclusivity, and openness within our front office and our ballpark,” the team said. “We look forward to working with the business and civic leaders of Boston to continue to bring about social change in our community.”

The vote drew immediate condemnation from the Yawkey Foundations, the charity named for Yawkey and his wife, Jean.

“As we have said throughout this process, the effort to expunge Tom Yawkey’s name has been based on a false narrative about his life and his historic 43-year ownership of the Red Sox,” the organization said. “The drastic step of renaming the street, now officially sanctioned by the city of Boston (and contradicting the honor the city bestowed upon Tom Yawkey over 40 years ago), will unfortunately give lasting credence to that narrative and unfairly tarnish his name.”sl_cardinals_045

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